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Sunday, November 15, 2009

SketchFlow and Blend at PDC ‘09

Microsoft’s professional developer conference (PDC) starts Monday in Los Angeles. We have a number of talks on Expression Blend and SketchFlow. If you are coming to PDC, we’d love to see you there…

I will hold a talk on SketchFlow on Tuesday at 4:30pm. In this talk, I’ll give a demo of SketchFlow and show how developers can extend and adapt SketchFlow by adding new behaviors to SketchFlow’s vocabulary of interactivity. Of course, I’d also love to hear your feedback and answer questions after the session, or at any other time during PDC.

If you are interested in Behaviors and effects, Pete Blois (who is also the author of Snoop and Rooler) will give an in-depth talk on Thursday at 12:45pm. I think this will be a must-see session for anybody interested in the Blend’s behavior model.

Finally, DoRon Motter, also from the Blend team, will talk about best practices and Tips & Tricks for using Blend. He is up first – his talk is Tuesday at 12:30pm    

In addition, there are also two “Chalk Talks” in an informal setting – one called “Expression Blend for Developers”, held by DoRon, Thursday at 12:00pm, and one about SketchFlow, Thursday at 11:00am.

Beyond Blend and SketchFlow, James Clarke from the Encoder team will also have a chalk talk about extending Expression Encoder, Tuesday at 12:00pm.

In chronological order:

  • Tuesday, 12:00pm: Chalk Talk with James Clarke about extending Expression Encoder
  • Tuesday, 12:30pm: DoRon Motter on tips and tricks and best practices for Expression Blend 3
  • Tuesday, 4:30pm: Christian Schormann: SketchFlow, and extending SketchFlow’s interactive vocabulary
  • Thursday, 11:00am: Chalk Talk with Christian Schormann, about SketchFlow
  • Thursday, 12:00am: Chalk Talk with DoRom Motter about Blend for Developers
  • Thursday, 12:45pm: Pete Blois talking about in-depth behaviors and effects for Blend 

We hope to see you at PDC, to hear your feedback and answer your questions.

Best regards,
     Christian Schormann

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