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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Windows Phone 7 Series: An Exciting Journey

This is an exciting time for designers of user experience. Our world is bursting from its seams, and I think we have an exciting journey ahead of us (see also this post):

We get to play on PCs, phones, the Web, and a multitude of devices, many with insanely beautiful displays.

New input techniques let us expand our thinking about man-machine interaction.

UX technology such as Silverlight or Flash lets us build richer experiences than ever, and borrow from the wide vocabulary of the universe of design, including the rich language of motion graphics.

Better UX design tools, addressing every step from concept design to production, let us take control in places where just a few years back only programmers could dare to pass.

For me, Windows Phone 7 marks an important milestone on this journey towards the future of UX. Why? There are a number of reasons just looking at the visuals:

  • Designed around content. The UI steps into the background. We interact with content wherever possible. This is not a new trend – the web probably deserves more credit than anything else for dissolving the traditional boundaries between UI and content. But Windows Phone 7 takes this further, and for an entire device, establishing a new “high water mark”.
  • Simple and fresh visuals: No bevels, drop shadows, rounded corners and glass. A visual language that has “departure” written over it.
  • Motion to connect, separate, delight (Disclaimer:I’m addicted to graphics that move – I used to design compositing, editing and motion graphics systems for a living).
    Windows Phone 7 marks a new game in the use of techniques and vocabulary from motion graphics in user experience, using accents in motion rather than accents through static visuals. 
  • Typography rules… 

So much for today… Stay tuned, and hope to see you at mix 2010 :)

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