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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Fonts in SketchFlow

With SketchFlow we ship a few sketchy-looking fonts:


With Blend 4 Beta, these fonts are installed in your system fonts directory, and they are also included in the SketchFlow project templates. That means that these fonts are automatically embedded in any SketchFlow project you create.

Within SketchFlow, we provide sketchy-looking styles for the standard controls: 


The sketch styles use the Buxton Sketch font.

As I wrote above, the fonts are embedded in SketchFlow projects by default. This is how it looks in the project:


If you want to reduce the size of a SketchFlow prototype and you don’t use all the fonts, you can of course remove the unused ones. Just don’t remove Buxton Sketch if you are using the SketchStyles anywhere…

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