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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Xi’an: Street Food

Usually, this blog spends all its bits and bytes on Expression Blend, Silverlight, Windows Phone, WPF and other related topics. This post is about a rather more basic need instead: It is about food, in particular food on the streets of Xi’an in China. You can click on any image in this post for slightly larger pictures.

We arrived in Xi’an late at night, to heat and humid air filled with mist. Xi’an is one of the older cities in China, an ancient capital, and the inner city is still encircled by an immense city wall. It is probably impossible to write anything about Xi’an without mentioning what the city today is probably most famous for: The vast armies of warriors made from terracotta that have been guarding the peace of Emperor Qin Shi Huang for well over 2000 years.

IMG_1332 IMG_1339 IMG_1416

Some of the army stands serene and tireless. Some of it is wounded and full of melancholy. Every man and horse is crafted with beauty and an immense love of detail – a shimmer of life hovers over the army. The air is filled with the silent breadth of thousands of men of clay, just waiting for an instant before their life resumes.


IMG_1317 IMG_1320 

IMG_1479 IMG_1480

But back in the city, far from the army that guards the emperor, the streets are very much alive. Within the city walls, behind the ancient drum tower, there are markets, bazaars, a mosque to discover, and as the sun sinks, the streets are becoming more and more alive. And on these streets, one thing is sure: You won’t need to go hungry. And there is no serenity and no subtlety of life on the streets: Life is loud and colorful and brash, and the air is filled with thousand smells.

IMG_1797 IMG_1802

And now, the food:

IMG_1209 IMG_1738IMG_1778 IMG_1743

IMG_1779 IMG_1780 IMG_1793

IMG_1742 IMG_1805

IMG_1776 IMG_1761 IMG_1792

IMG_1837 IMG_1806 IMG_1817 IMG_1811 IMG_1824 IMG_1827 IMG_1821

IMG_1846 IMG_1847 IMG_1845 IMG_1843

IMG_1833 IMG_1832 IMG_1804

Later at night, there’s room to relax and play on quieter streets.

IMG_1179 IMG_1184    

A few days later in Beijing, we found a wonderful place to have roasted duck in a small hutong, in what looked like a small village street. The restaurant appeared to be a family house, without even a rest room (next one across the alley), with a motley collection of small rooms and random furniture and delicious food.

We also found streets as vibrant as in Xi’an. In this case the food on offer was a little bit more exotic. And in case you wondered, yes, the scorpions on the stick were still alive.

IMG_1910 IMG_1968  IMG_1997 IMG_1987 IMG_1991 IMG_1995 IMG_1996 IMG_1993


I hope you enjoyed this post.

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