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Friday, June 10, 2011

New SketchFlow Template for WP7

We have just published a cool new SketchFlow template that makes it a lot easier to prototype Windows Phone 7 applications. You can find it on codeplex as a free download.

tiles apps golf

With this new template, you get all the building blocks for phone applications, such as sketched device frames, pivot and panorama controls, the phone-specific data and time pickers, the tiled home screens, camera, Bing and so on.


And of course, you can use all the existing SketchFlow features to build a fully interactive prototype, including data binding, visual states, behaviors, and so on.

When you create a new prototype using this template, you start out with a default map that already sets up the basic phone experience, with home screen, app screen, search, and of course the starting screen for your app:


Prototypes created with this new templates still run in the SketchFlow player, not on the actual device. That means you can also share and collaboratively review the prototypes you create over the internet.

Get the template here!

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