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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Expression Blend… for HTML

We have been very hard at work on a new project that we could not talk about – until today. In today’s keynote at Microsoft’s Build conference, we have shown an exciting new flavor of Expression Blend: Blend for HTML, to create Metro-style user interfaces for Windows 8 using HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

I have been using Windows 8 now for quite a bit, and it is a lot of fun to build apps for it with Blend. Windows 8 provides a great natural habitat for all your HTML and CSS skills, and Blend makes CSS a whole lot more fun… Blend for HTML is HTML authoring for applications, not websites, with some interesting twists.

Blend for HTML is something we had wanted to start building for several years. It’s great we finally got to do it – and even better to see it here on stage.

Did I mention that Windows 8 is going to be an exciting platform to build for? Here is a talk you really need to see if you want to design for Windows 8: 8 traits of great Metro style apps, by Jensen Harris, who is a great speaker. It is online here.

Here are some places to look for more info on Blend for HTML:

There are three blog posts to start with…

Then, we have a couple of in-depth sessions at build…

Sessions are not streamed live, but should be available 24 hours after. Both are held on Thursday, so check in Friday!

And of course, a preview of Blend for HTML is part of the Windows Developer Preview build that is available for download starting tonight. Again, it is a preview of Blend for HTML, and we are quite a way from being complete.

Blend for HTML has also been shown in today’s “big picture” session by Chris Sells and Kieran Mockford. The session will be available as streaming video probably starting tomorrow, at http://buildwindows.com.

Stay tuned for more – and give us feedback! We have a new email alias for that – try blendfeedback (at) microsoft.com, or mail me directly…

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