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Thursday, February 9, 2012

New Single: Paint a Flower in the Sky

Paint a Flower in the Sky Cover

One day I asked my daughter Mara what she was drawing: “Oh, I’m┬ájust painting flowers in the sky” she answered.

Another day, after a very sick night, she said to me in the morning: “Don’t worry about it Dad – when I am sick at night, my angel comes and takes me for a ride”. And so she gave me the first line of the lyrics, too.

Available on iTunes and Amazon. Just look for the song title, by Roses on a Beach. Here’s a direct link to the song on Amazon.com

Please let me know if you like the song, and if you like it, please pass it on.


She smiles and says whenever I feel sick at night

My angel comes to me and takes me for a ride

To swim with dolphins sail around the moon or

Sing with butterflies and paint a flower in the sky

All men aboard she cries with stuffies in both hands

Her ship will sail where fairies dwell and dragons make a stand

She winks at us behind the glass I swear I saw it

Saw the light she touched the flower she paints in the sky

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