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Friday, April 18, 2008

music @ electric beach

by Christian Schormann – Roses on a Beach

Free music, ready to download (mp3 format). No notes, chords or melodies have been injured in the creation of these pieces. Well, opinions about that might vary…

If you like this music, please drop me a line at music@electricbeach.org. I’d love to hear from you.

Should you have any use for this music beyond listening pleasure, please see the license below.


Real songs, with vocals and all.

Title Download
The Consequences of Chocolate (raw mix, 2009) available
Iron Tears  (2002) – Lyrics available
Decision  (2002) available
Closing  (ca. 1990, recording 2004) available
Rose, Part III.1 (Sketch, 1986) – Lyrics available



Instrumental pieces, most of them electronic, but also including a piece for a trio of guitars and for piano solo.

Title Download
Welcome Mara  (5/2004) available
12  (8/2004) available
Leaves: Studies for Piano  (2002) available
The Sight of an Angel  (11/2004) available
Trio – for 3 Guitars  (1986 – recording 2004) available
Don’t worry about the dents in your car (ca. 1990) available
Building Snowmen  (ca. 1990) available
For V.Z.  (ca. 1994) available
PhoneTalk  (ca. 1990) available
Hommage  (ca. 1990) available
How To Get Rid Of Something  (ca. 1990) available



All pieces on this site are originals, written, arranged, performed and recorded between 1986 and 2004 by Christian Schormann. You are free to download this music and use it for whatever purpose you like, provided you attribute credit to the author in a manner that is reasonably visible. Also, if you use this music for commercial purposes, you must notify the author at music@electricbeach.org with a description of the project you have used it for. All rights reserved!
If you like this music, please drop me a line at music@electricbeach.org. I’d love to hear from you. 

Musicians Wanted

If you are a singer or instrumentalist and you like this style of music, please write me at music@electricbeach.org. I have several unfinished pieces that are just waiting for the right performances, and I am also interested in new collaborative music projects. We can work locally or virtually, however you like.

Send mail to webmaster@electricbeach.org with questions or comments about this web site. Copyright © 2008 electricbeach.org.

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